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20 January 2008
I'm in Aden (Yemen). Here I commenced creation of our private website !

January 2008
I added new page our shelf from livingroom with app. 10 short stories!

June 2008
I added new page about the history of windmill from Zarebki village and tales about my grafdfathers.

January 2010
Marzena tells story about his Maori talisman.

March 2010
I add story of uncle Marian's eighteen voyages.

March 2014
Farewell to My Godson Piotru¶.


Nothing to hide: our site is not for everyone. We address it to those folks, who think and feel somehow similar way. Some would say in Poland: "they broadcast at the same frequencies". But looking around, I find, that we are very few. What do we have in common with mases? Mainly force of gravity. Now, let each of us speak for her or himself.


I'm sitting and sitting, trying to write about myself... It is so difficult to write like that.... I don't want to admit my mistakes, but writing about virtues would look like boasting. So I found easy solution and asked my friends to write about me. Naturally, opinions will be without criticism.. About me:

"Marzena! You are: active, little crazy, full of enthusiasm. You infect the other with your optimism and passion. You are the person, which is worth to be around and to be close... I like you very much." Beata K.

"Marzena is a very interesting person, I kow her for 4 years and she still manages to surprise me. She impresses me with her passions, specially, that she so systematically expand her knowledge; now days there are very few of such people. Many things could be learned from Marzena, she willingly share her passions with other people. Marzena is hearty, well-willing and very, very helpful. Such an angel in human form, really! I like her sence of humor, specially when she screws someone and makes tricks. I'm so glad I could meet her, and hope for development of our relations." Sylvia M.

"Marzena is a very kind, easily blending with new environment, she is well organized and communicative." Piotr K.


My various documents prove, that I'm middle-aged mechanical engineer. From the education and profession. Engineering, that is more or less my job. I was born in Rzeszów and I live in Warsaw for many years now. Documents will not tell much more, than that. For example: what is in someone's head. No one is able to realize that fully.

Myself, may be because of the age, I approach everything with reservation, distance, without excitement. I usually look sad and tired. As a technician, I'm a bit limited - I like logic things, real, sound and solid. I don't like disposable products, fast changing trends, empty bull-shit, any fiction in real life.

I try to avoid conflicts and not be interested in the other's business. I apply my rule of mirror in relations: if someone smiles, I answer with smile, if someone is crude to me, I'm crude to him. If someone is indifferent, I'm indifferent.

What fascinates me the most of all things in the world, is passing of time with traces left. Traces of the past in the present and traces of the present in the past.
It's odd thing: I'm very lazy by nature, but despite that I like to be on the road. I was here and there but so far never in Antarctica.

Enough is enough! There is much more about myself on following pages. Since I'm not coming from nowhere, I would like to commemorate my grandfathers. Not, that I'm specially proud of my heritage, just some things are worth to be recorded before they are completely forgotten.


Now you know us a little better. If you are not bored or discouraged, you can visit us virtually. For the beginning you can have a look on our shelf. What you find on it, also tells something about us...

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