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June 2018
Premiere of mini-blog about our furniture, plants, etc.

November 2017
I write about beggining of our restoration project.

July 2017
I start with new department "Our House and Garden"


It is not a secret, that I inherited my parent's house in Rzeszow. Actually it is a "twin" - half of the house. And small gardern with it. One day we want to move there with Marzena for ever. So far we travel here from Warsaw, whenever we can and slowly, step by step, try to arrange everything our own way. Whatever we do on our "property", it is a great adventure.


Our house is quite oild, and recently lacked some maintenance. Whenever we try to arrange something inside, it seems to be small and inconvenient. But we already removed few trucks full of furniture and all kind of old rubbish. On other hand, when cleaning, interior looks even too big for us. The truth is, that is is just right size for us! Not too big, not too small. Most important, this is the place, where I grew- up, full of memories. Something, you cnannot buy from any real estate agent or developer. Something, only sentimental people are able to appreciate. Myself, I'm very sentimental.

When we took over the house, i t was in the state, that could not be inhabited for too long. Refurbishment was inavoidable. We did not want to extend it, or convert it. Enough just to renew utility systems and to refresh interior. But, even for such small scope of works, one has to have a vision. I didn't see any chance to lift-up this simple buliding in accordance with some new trends. Therefore I decided to make reference to period, when house was bult and to my childhood. We want to keep some style of 50'ties and 60'ties.

Today, when I'm writing this, final results of our efforts are still far, far away. But I think, that it woul be great to share some experience from this unkonwn to us land.


"Small house with garden", sounds idyllic, but real understanding of the meaning comes with the age, I think. In our case, garden is rather a mini-garden. One of the smallest in all neighbourhood. My parents planted some flowers, some vegetables, like anybody else around. I remember this very well, where were fruit threes, bushes and hedge. With the years passing, garden was changing. And recently, when my father was to weak to look after it, garden became more and more wild. Nature was taking more and more, and arranging it ist own way.

I was never fan of gardening. When garden along the house, happened to be my responsibility, thinking about garden arrangement wasn't my priority. I just knew, that there will be a lawn, which, from time to time, requires cutting. Few trees and bushes will require some trimming, but not more, that that. There is small greenhouse in the garden. It serves as a temporary storage of garbage during house restoration. I didn't see use for the greenhouse in the future, but despite Marzena's suggestons, I didn't want to demolish it. This is my philosophy: to leave all, what can remain, in it's place. In the house and in the garden as well.

It is not a pleasure, to stay inside the house, during the refurbishment. It is full of dust, temporary solutions, inconveniences. Escape to the garden is a nice alternative. But we do not waist time there. We already fighted jungle of old weeds, removed accumulated over decades rubbish deposits. At one point gardening turned out to be Marzena's new hobby. After winng battle with the jungle, she began to plant new vegetables and flowers. This is the same situation, like with the house: we see first results, but sill have long way into unknown ahead of us.

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