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Latest news !!!

June, 2018
I add mini-blogs about our furniture and garden
With delay unlucky Newsletter no. 13
I add story about latest trip to Argentinian Patagonia to "Our travels"

January, 2017
To keep my site alive I open new "Raptularz 2017" for this year, with hope for more frequent posts

History of updates

20 January 2008
I'm in Aden (Yemen). Here I commenced creation of our private website !

13 March 2008
I'm back from Yemen! My site will be soon online!

30 March 2008
I decided to publish webside online, despite, it is not really complete, but I'm leaving for India and have no idea, when I will be back!

June 23, 2008
After return from Iranian adventure I make some additions to pages: About us, Our cities, Bikes, Creativity.

Sept 23, 2008
I'm back from Pakistan, in one piece! Additions to pages: Our travels (Nordkapp), Bikes, Creativity.

Oct 17, 2008
Some new pastel nudes added.

Oct 24, 2008
Premiere of new inventure - I add Newsletter no 1, unfortunately in Polish only.

Nov 26, 2008
I add Newsletter no 2 and two new tales.

Dec 17, 2008
I add Newsletter no 3 and one bike trip.

March 25, 2009
About one week since my return from Nigeria I add Newsletter no 4 and my first mosaic.

July 25, 2009
Newsletter no 5, new story about Rzeszów and voyage to Rapa Nui.

October 08, 2009
News on Creativity (photo gallery) and Travels (last holiday).

November 14, 2009
After long trip to China I add Newsletter no 6.

February 19, 2010
I issue Newsletter no 7 and add first text of Marzena.

March 23, 2010
New story about Małecki family added in "About us" department.

April 18, 2010
Little bit about voyage to Japan in "Our travels" department.

May 25, 2010
Complete report from voyage to Japan in "Our travels" department.

June 06, 2010
Issue of Newsletter no 8.

November 5, 2010
Page "Our travels" - voyage to France
Page "Bikes" - 12th Veteran Rally

March 8, 2011
Some news on page "Creativity" - pastels, jevellery, etc.

May 5, 2011
Issue of Newsletter no 9

December 21, 2011
Issue of Newsletter no 10
and in "Travels" addition of diary from the trip to Australia

September 6, 2012
After a long break I add somethig: some news in"Bikes" department

February 07, 2013
I start with the blog "About everything and much more". I hope, that entries will appear more often now. Available in Polish only :-(

March 06, 2014
I publish
"Farewell to My Godson" , who passed away. Available in Polish only.

June 03, 2014
I continue my blog "Raptularz"
In "Our travels" I add something about our trip to Asia
and recall latest long weekend in May
In "Bikes" new story about my life's record

February 11, 2015
After long, long time issue of Newsletter no 11

June 30, 2015
New story about my old Pasat in "Bikes" department
Some additions in Raptularz

November 20, 2015
Issue of Newsletter no 12

November 08, 2016
After long break I write again in "Raptularz"

Note to the English version. Apologies, if you find translation not very sound. Our website is primarily in Polish, but we are taking this effort, in case someone, non-Polish, visits us. Just to give him impression, what is it all about. Unfortunately, we cannot translate everything.

Welcome to private website of Marzena and Witold Malecki. We don't know, who you are and how did you get here. And somehow, no matter why, I take into account, that you may not necessaryli like our site or even find it irritating. Better find it out for yourself!

But, what anyone needs private website for, anyhow? There are probably as many precise answers for such question, as the number of websites. We can only speak for ourselves. We will explain it by one analogy.

Some people have a habit to not throw away the things, which "are still quite good" or "may be useful once", despite they for long time are not finding any use for these things. Such theoretically useful pieces of rubbish are able, over the years, to fill-up the biggest flat and large house. On the other hand, in some countries there is a good custom, to display on the street,from time to time, in front of the house, things, which are not needed. Any by-passer can have a look, and if finds something useful, he can take it.

Analogically, like material objects, we collect various memories, experiences, ideas, thoughts, and so on, spiritual things, useful rarely or never. So here we have such a collection of virtual junk, what we decided to put outside, on web street. And each internet by-passer, who has some time and wishes to do so, can have look. Can he take anything? We will be pleased, if anybody finds here anything useful for himself, idea, inspiration, anything.

Our site was born many years ago. Created in rush, it remains very simple, never improved, modrnized. Let it stay this way - as a kind of Internet antique monument. I will just try to keep it alive.


Passing of time is always the same, but the world is going ahead. Faster and faster. Towards which destination? Brighter future or destruction? To be up to date, we have to live fast. Too fast for many, including me...

Website is five years old. For its anniversary deserves an overhaul or facelift. I have no means to do that, so my site is already like open air museum. But museum doesn't have to be totally dead. So I have an idea for "raptularz". One may say, that it is ancient Polish name for blog. A kind of. I regret, it will only be available in Polish. The title says for itself:
"About everything and much more"

I have to warn, that one can find it very boring: much more writing, than pictures.


More, than half year passed since I put my website online. In short blink of the eye there will be one year since I began to work on it. In the mean time I learned some things. For example. I'm just able to translate or make summary of small part of texts to English, the rest must be in Polish only, forever. Posting a lot of pictures consume server space much faster, than writing. It's important, because according to old Polish proverb, that even the ugliest fill find his/her adorer, my site also has some faithful readers, not only watchers. Furthermore, it is very difficult to update, correct, modify the site without spending a lot of time in front of computer. I don't care about the layout anymore, because various screen resolutions are in common use, which one to select?

One of the results of my learning is the latest invention, which I call newsletter. It is intended for easy posting mixed updates and some new ideas, which cross my mind, without disturbing existing pages. Kind of safety valve for protecting integrity of my website. Unfortunately, again, no chance for English translation.

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