Rzeszow's own World Trade Center




I had in mind „Rzeszow” Hotel, of course. Once upon a time there was a building in the center of the city. High, in proportion to the city size. It was created more-or-less in the same period like World Trade Center in NY. I think, it even had twin brother, one hotel in Katowice, but I’m not completely sure abut that. It was in quite good condition, when it disappeared in presence of astonished citizens within short time. After it’s disappearance empty space was left, such Ground Zero. And here similarities basically end. Hotel was not a victim of terrorist attack, but of hard economy principles and ownership rights after all.

I have no idea of any lives lost inside, because it didn’t collapse suddenly but was systematically demolished. It is pity, they didn’t do it spectacular way with explosives, “Discovery Channel” style. Instead, it was crushed with the heavy ball.

So I think, there was enough coverage with detailed descriptions in local newspapers and searching in the web, one could easily find also pictures. But I didn’t follow, didn’t search and I’m not adding anything new. I just wanted to mention, pay tribute to hotel disappearance as one of “these” objects.  It is possible, that this is the biggest building  related to my childhood, which disappeared so far. So many memories linked with that place. I have for example series of pictures in boy scout’s uniform, with hotel as a background.


 I did not record demolition. I was not in Rzeszow at this time. A friend of mine  was taking pictures, and presented me for posting… 

...Final days of Rzeszów Hotel... and Ground Zero.