Warsaw Shrines

Our most ambitious and exploring project so far. Perhaps, one day I will designate separate website for it, when I find right formula? But, what is it all about? One could write scientific papers about significance of roadside shrines and chapels in Poland. We, Poles did not invent them but I don't know personally any country more rich in shrines and crosses. Firstly, we almost do not pay attention to them daily. Secondly, as a whole, they are important in so many dimensions: artistic, historical, religious, cultural, landscape creating, topographic and list is not complete. Roadside shrines and crosses fascinated me ever since, specially as a memories of by-gone time. Monuments of forgotten incidents, last witnesses of disappearing villages, abandoned tracks. Warsaw possesses a lot of them. From baroque sculptures, through these typically village type, located in peripheries, these famous coming from WWII, located on backyards of old houses, to these very few, modern, lost in endless block quarters. 

One day I had the idea, to create map of them. Warsaw map of shrines. If such exists, I never found it, never came across. Maybe there is centralized list, maybe each church community made it's own list? I don't know anything about them. Besides, why to list them, what for? Everyone knows them. Lot of them. . Where they are, what is their history. But, this knowledge is always fragmented. I believe, that one day such website will be created (maybe, even I will make it myself?), for example similar to famous "My class", where everyone will be able to register unknown chapel or cross and enter its story, known to him? May it be the way to save small part of our history?? So far it is a plan for future. So far I started to act and to create Warsaw's map of shrines. How is it going? I'm looking for them personally. On foot, on bike, I circulate the city, street after street, looking around carefully. I document discovered objects with photo, mark them on my map, assign my own code and enter to my database. Only that and so much. As one can say: there is no time and place to go deeper in details of this matter, because it is endless. If I manage, I will create special website. May be someone will be faster, that is just question of time. There are many websites about similar subjects. For example, first class, about Johns of Nepomouc (I'm not sure how it is in English).

 There are individual chapels with their own websites. Today I will just write, that my collection consists of few hundreds items. Of course, I established some principals, which objects to qualify. For example: I do not take into account those located on fenced properties of the churches. I'm also not interested in shrines on inaccessible backyards, which are not visible through the gate. And so on. I search centre mainly on foot. Other districts on the bike. So far I more or less completed search in districts: Wilanów, Ursynów, Ochota, Mokotów, Włochy, Wola. Currently I'm busy with Bemowo, Praga South and Bielany. I commenced also in other districts.