Warsaw according to Pascal guidebook 

I remember, that was once 11th of November, our  Independence Day,  in early period of our existence in Warsaw. The day was dark and foggy. We finally got the feeling, that  we get ready to systematically tour our new “our city” , with guidebook at hand. Of all guides, we found in newly opened bookstore Empik on Nowy Świat street, Pascal was the most complete. If I remember well, the very same day we were strolling with it in the mist on Saska Kępa and Old Ochota quarters. Guidebook turned out to be quite fine and walking with it was a pure pleasure. We toured with it not only weekends, but sometimes also evening after hours. So, no surprise, that within few weeks we completed all walks. May be that was a bit strange method, we chosen : we began with most remote quarters, leaving very core of the city – the Old Town for the desert. There were also some trips to the suburbs. One to Podkowa Leśna for sure. I don’t remember the other.