"Spacerownik"- guide for walk.

Latest, just launched small project. Behind us some initial strolls in the centre. Rest of the city is waiting untouched, but also looks promising. Whole of objects not mentioned in previous guidebooks. Walks lead unconventionally: through the backyards, through the hidden passageways. It will be another tour around the city, which could be seen from different perspective. Charm of such short walks lays in the easy execution: it is not even required to spend a day off. Free afternoon or the evening with fine  weather is all you need. The point is, not to read any part of the book too early. It is much more nice to depart for the unknown. Imagine: we walk the street, we crossed hundred times before. Spacerownik is prompting us to turn into the gate of one house, only to discover on backyard the building with interesting history, we would never expect. Surprise. Another surprise is, that we cross the backyard and next one, just to find ourselves on different, well known street, new, unconventional way. Just fun. We enjoy it at least.