Latin Inscriptions

Wizytówki Warszawy”. I cannot even properly translate that. Landmarks of Warsaw? Visiting cards of Warsaw?  This is small, but nice and original book. Allows you to tour the capital according to very special key: Latin notations and stone plaques. At first one could think, that there is countless number. And surprise there. Yes, there are some: old and new. But if one is motivated, it is possible within few afternoon and evening walks visit all of them. Histories and fades of such inscriptions are sometimes very strange. What they have in common is, that we usually do not notice them and more important, do not understand them. And that book allows us to go out looking for places, which probably we otherwise would never to, to stop and rise the head, where we would never do that. And almost every time discovery awaits to be made. Even, if the existence of the stone table, notation on it, has been known to us, to know, what does it men in Latin is often new to us. Small, tidy, not  very binding project, allowing one more time crisscross the city from one end to the other.