Tracing Warsaw Fortress

Warsaw was the fortress of Russian Tsar’s Empire, and the big one. So what? So, that it imprinted its existence in history, architecture, urban planning of the city. What has left, besides the Citadel and a few widely known forts? Other, less known, inaccessible forts, remains of them, sites of those, which disappeared. Traces of embankments, moats. Layout of the streets, buildings. One can learn more, for example from the book “Twierdza Warszawa” or "Fortress of Warsaw". Our small project “Tracing Fortress of Warsaw” is going on, for long time already. Based on old plans, coming from before WWII, we created map of the fortress. Using it in the field, we go is quest for existing and non-existing objects. On foot and, recently more often, on bike.

We accomplished following of inner circle of forts, which were in mayor part interconnected with embankments and moats. Not much is left, but always something. Currently we are visiting forts of outer circle. Each of them is a robust, non-demanding destination for daily bicycle trip. We mark all discovered traces and objects on our map. Accessibility map would be  surely more useful, but it would require frequent updates.

Besides, “Private property” replaced very effectively “Military area” notes not only here!